HALFDROP textile design

layers and threads


The concepts that define the collections are collage, contrast and color layering, inspired by the craft of the rag carpet.

A collection easy to integrate, the matching designs creating a harmony devoid of repetition, for a contemporary interior with a touch of tradition.


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yellow diamonds


Let’s celebrate the style that defined modernity and progress in the early 20th century, through these geometric linear patterns in the well known spirit of Art Deco’s exuberance and glamour.

Abstract graphics of the tulip flower and diamond, in subtle pastel shades.


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black tulips

mosaic red

black tulips large
black tulips

mosaic black


Hand block printing is one of the oldest form of complex fabric decoration, capable of repeating intricate design on endless lengths of  cloth.

This collection transforms the hand printed motifs into complex, rich patterns, following the concept of  fragmented mosaic design.


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