HALFDROP textile design

The Brand

HALFDROP is a Romanian design brand that creates fabric designs for interiors. Mixing hand printing techniques, hand drawings and digital illustration and design they create edgy, bold, patterns for everyday pieces of the contemporary interior space.
It all began with the passion for patterns, the fascination with textile, pottery and decorative motifs, either traditional or contemporary. The various cultures encountered during travels, the immersing in the local daily life and the richness of colour, textures and sensations, they inspired us and they served as references for creating HALFDROP as an interior design fabrics brand.
The HALFDROP story started in the late months of 2015, challenging a great distance and time difference between Shanghai and Bucharest and the difficulties of a long distance friendship. The brand was officially launched in 2016 with the participation in the Romanian Design Week, as a part of the Designer's Shop.
The key concepts that define the brand are balance,contrast, complementarity. They define our work as a team as well, by using our differences and particular visions to the best advantage.
HALFDROP’s goal is to surprise you with a contemporary, full of energy, based on original concepts. We chose as a main product the décor pillow, a useful, flexible, accessible accessory, and a key element of the contemporary interior.

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