HALFDROP textile design

Alexandra Lazarescu

I am a Romanian architect turned textile designer. Shanghai, with its energy and vibe, and my life in Asia, inspired me to put my creativity and artistic instincts into the Halfdrop project, a name that represents the architect’s point of view in home décor textile designs.

I have loved from an early age to travel and discover, to immerse myself in various cultures and into their aesthetic guidelines, to really get to know what is behind the tourist image of a particular country.

I have done my best to either travel by the unbeaten path or to work short periods of times in different environments, to get familiar with customs and cultural backgrounds. My steps have carried me in Tunis, for a 2 month internship in 2009, in Rome for a yearlong scholarship, in Sao Paolo for a 3 months’ work experience in 2010, and finally to Shanghai in 2012, a city that has become my main hub for travel in Asia’s magical countries, and my source of constant awe regarding what motivated and creative people can achieve with enough effort and determination.

Through the people I met, the fabrics I collected from all my journeys, and the cultures that I brought back with me from my journeys, I was able to realise where my skills and talent should be best put to good use: fabrics for interiors.

Alexandra Petrache

I am a Romanian architect with a preference towards interior design. My life in Bucharest, this city of contrasts and endless surprises, has been from the beginning influenced by a mix of factors: contemporary art, eclectic architecture, underground creative events, resourceful and daring people that launched the most surprising projects and ideas that set examples, various cultural influences that collided between the east and west.

This complex environment has taught me to be observant, empathic, and assertive, qualities that I see now are at their full use in the Halfdrop project, to create client oriented design guidelines.

I have always been level headed and clear sighted, using my creativity and formational background into people oriented projects that provided solutions and options, creating interior designs that were perfectly responsive to the personality of the client.

My European oriented travels have formed my tastes regarding both classical and avant-garde aesthetical trends, developing my tastes for contrasting interiors, surprising concepts, and harmonisation of the most peculiar design elements.

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