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Layers and threads

The rag rug, often multicolored, made of strips of odd fabrics woven in place with threads, is a long-time presence in grandma’s house and a recent addition to the modern interior. The basic concepts that define this object are reuse, recycling and collage.

This type of textile item is present both in northern European countries, but also in the eastern European houses. It has been brought back to the spot light in the past few years, enriching the interiors with its warmth and texture.The richness of the pattern is due to layering of various scraps of different colors. The layering gesture and the collage practice were reinterpreted and the rag rug design principles were translated into bold and colorful patterns, creating the Layers and threads collection.The hand drawn lines give a crafted feeling to the digital printed patterns, with the  “mistakes” and peculiar details you would come to expect of a hand-made item.


The collection includes a series of 4 paired patterns, each unique but with common elements, available in 4 distinct colour palettes as well as a neutral combination. The aim is that while this pattern collection is suitable for any type of interior, they should also be easy to integrate in a determined interior colour palette.

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